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Gold award for club website by American Philatelic Society
Nov. 10, 2023

Philatelic Links and Resources

Recent additions: - Stamp Forgeries of the World. 6,000+ images of forged stamps compared side-by-side to genuine stamps. - Beginner’s information. - Topic written by  student, Ashley, in Maine. - download free stamp album pages.  -  Reno's only stamp dealer.

YouTube videos - Various philatelic topics

Kelleher’s Stamp Collector’s Quarterly - 80-page magazine, register on the website.

Siegel Auction Galleries Resources - Rarities sales from 1964, search by Scott number, video presentations, plus much more.

Philatelic sites of interest:

American Philatelic Society

American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors

American Topical Association

Astro Space Stamp Society  -  Everything space related, access to Orbit newsletter

Council of Northern California Philatelic Societies

Frajola Philatelist Site - Organized by Richard Frajola

Germany Philatelic Society

International Machine Cancel Society - Dedicated to the study of Machine Postal Markings, the Machine Inventors, Patents, and Other Related History

Meter Stamp Society - For collectors of meter and digital postage stamps

Northwest Federation of Stamp Clubs - organization with stamp clubs in the Northwest U.S. nd Canada

The Perfins Club - information on collecting perfin stamps

The Philatelic Foundation

POSTBEELD Stamp Shop  -  Advertised as the Largest Internet Stamp Shop - FIP subcommittee for the Postal Stationery Commission (International group) - San Francisco Bay Area Post Card Club - past issue of newsletter dealing with picture postcards

Postmark Collectors Club - The study of postmarks from around the U.S. - Shipping lines, pictures, shipwreck info and much more

St-Pierre et Miquelon Philatelie    -  Lots of philatelic information and Stamp Show Listings

Stamp Collecting Resources - Links to many resources - Website listing stamp shows around the U.S. - Lots of philatelic information

United Nations Philatelists Inc. - United Nations stamps and other material

Universal Ship Cancellation Society - Naval covers

USPS Postal Bulletin  - 1880-2014  -  Information, exhibits of PR China & Rep. of China  

World On-Line Philatelic Agency  -  Buy stamps at face from official philatelic agencies

Ice Hockey Stamps - website by private collector

Links featured in Post Boy:

Picture post cards - Identification, some pricing, & lots of info

Chess on Stamps  -  Articles & exhibits

Arab Gulf and Yemen Stamp Collecting Resources Page

Postal History - Search For Information

Indonesia Philately  -  Stamps Collectors of Indonesia

Sandafayre Stamp Auctions

National Postal Museum

British Commonwealth Postmarks

Tom Morrissey covers information site -

Other Sites of Interest:

National Bowling Stadium     in Reno

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